Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Today's revelation

I had a bad dream this morning. It woke me up at 6am and I rolled over and clung to my hubby for dear life. I woke up and talked with him about it, and it led to a very warm and inviting conversation about our life together and where we want to go, what is not serving us, and the legacy we wish to leave. In the end of the conversation, I felt at peace, and with my hubby's conversations, that can be a rare outcome :0

We decided that in all that we do...



I shared this with a friend and she was blessed by it, and it coincided with several things that have happened in the last 48 hrs to give her hope for the future.

Are you settling for less than your intended vision or dream? Don't pare down or shrink it. Do it step by step. There are people in the shadows and the wings ready to support you, but you have to come out of the woodwork, the background, and walk the path towards your goals. I am doing it, and I am seeing support and faith like I have never seen before. I will update you when I get to a certain milestone.  Where are you?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Living on Live Foods

Hi Everyone:

I am back after a roller coaster eight months. Things have been shifting and changing in my life in so many ways. I feel like I am giving birth to so many new ventures and it is very scary. I am taking many leaps of faith and have made several decisions that appeared selfish to others, but were necessary for me.

In short, I am finally putting my foot down and taking better care of myself. I was tired of the sluggish, complaining, depressed version of me griping about all the ills of the day and making excuses to procrastinate, hoard and hold on things that are not helping me grow or serving the purpose they were meant to have.

I took some time to be away from family and spend my birthday in celebration of myself and rebuild my soul. I am at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico taking the two week Living Foods Training. While I am here, I am learning so much about my body and its ability to heal.  I am also meeting many others who are looking to do something different with their lives and impact the world. Living Foods are raw, but Raw Foods may not necessarily be Living (grown naturally, sprouted, soaked, unprocessed etc). I will be teaching raw food courses in my local city and hope to spread across state lines to provide counsel and care to those with medical conditions as well as generally healthy persons.  This will greatly complement my accrued knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy.
Hope fully when I am back, I can load up some pics here or on my youtube channel of my experience there. Although I am not focused on weight, I can safely say that I have lost at least 5 lbs in the first week that I have been here, with the foods, exercise, colonics and breathing / eating methods.

Thank you all for continuing to be interested in all that I do. There is more to come.

With a smile,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Using Gaming to Gain Perspective

A somewhat random post, but I thought it would be good to share.

This is a great news link discussing an exciting game called MissionUS, which is an educational game about slavery. I think it would be a great addition to history lectures for elementary, secondary and higher education audiences, particularly for those who have had little to no exposure to African-American history. A great way to step into the shoes of American history, connected or not.
 Gaming article review

USA today gaming review

Let me know if you have played it and what you think.  Play the game!

If you would like more history information let me know and I can update this post to add more links.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Practicality of Following your Passion

Tama Kieves is one of my favorite inspirational authors.

She has written an amazing piece about pursuing your passion.
Read the blog post here 

You should also check out her book, "This Time I Dance". It will really make your heart jump as you see and learn that you can be happy and earn a living doing what you love. She is a Harvard trained lawyer who left all of what appeared to be lucrative and successful to follow her passion as a writer, and now she is not only successful, but happy as well.

Let me know what you think of the article and the tips.

If you are not pursuing your dream, how can you project your dream into what you are currently doing? Can your job be seed for your dream?

I found some new opportunities that made their way to me as I journaled some dreams and goals. I started asking questions and being more present -- I think that, along with giving, has opened some eyes, some hearts, and some doors.

I have not quit my "day job", but I am making room for my passion so that the rest of my responsibilities will be more peaceful and productive. So far it is working.

Please share in as much detail as you like how your passion is spreading into other areas of your life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: The Pigeon or the Statue...

There have been a lot of new things happening since 2012 began. Some things are ok - not mind blowing, but hmmmm... food for thought.

Other events are downright crazy, dumb, awful, disastrous, fear-creating, annoying, and wrong.

Or with a different perspective they could very well be awesome, exciting, fly, cool, stupid and crazy (in a good way).

What I need to be aware of is how do I respond to the situation, the event, the condition, the person?

Instead of making a flippant remark or reacting, I am working on slowing down some actions and responding quicker to others. Delayed responses also create an attitude that can be construed as negative also.

I came across an interesting phrase -- Every day is different -- One day you could be a pigeon, another day you could be a statue.  Crap happens. Either you give it, or you receive it.

But I never heard anyone say anything about how to respond  when you discover which one you are at the current moment...

Any thoughts?
Are you having a bad day?
Are you looking to change your ways?
What will you do differently?

Low Impact Challenge is going well. I have not bought any toiletries (other than toilet paper - we really were out, lol) since my post and I am SO proud of myself!  Next I have started gathering clothes that I dont really wear and figuring out whether I should store them away for a spring garage sale or give them away now.  Suggestions are welcome.

Feeling the love, 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday: What Impact are you Making on Earth?

My hubby is a professional actor and certified movie/film buff. We watch a lot of movies. His preferences tend to be either "shoot-em-up, blow-them-up, attack the mutants", or stage theatre remakes. I tend towards romantic comedies, science, nature, how-to/DIY shows, sci-fi, and documentaries. I have been on a serious documentary run lately, and one movie that I watched this weekend has changed the way I view my impact on the world/environment/Earth. Its called, "No Impact Man".
   Colin Beavan, a writer, decides to reduce his net impact on the environment to ZERO by living sustainably for one year, six months of which will be without electricity. At first, I thought, oh Heck no -- that is way too hard! But as I watched the movie, I found that there were many things that my family and I could do (and have done) to reduce our impact on the
environment. The family lives on Fifth Avenue in New York, and the movie chronicles the many adventures, failures and successes of this project. It is funny, thoughtful, and really inspiring. I am always impressed with people and families that are able to reduce their carbon footprint. I am looking for ways to reduce my/our family footprint as well, so I am creating a challenge in honor of this movie.

Since I am such an avid crafter, I have decided not to purchase any products, crafts, or toiletries with the exception of raw supplies in bulk for the next 100 days. For the next 30 days, I will only use what is in my pantry, cabinet or storage for my household cleaning, skincare and haircare needs (and I could probably do this for 6 months easy, but I will stick to a shorter period of time).   I will blog on Tuesdays or Thursdays about my progress in this endeavor, and look forward to seeing your comments and ideas when I get into a rut. We are all SO blessed, but because we consume so much (particularly in a capitalistic society like ours -- not knocking it), it is hard to appreciate and share what we have. I want to break this cycle, and also use this opportunity to give to others.

I have also decided to do 100 days of giving to coincide with this. In addition to using what I have in my home, I will also give away at least one thing each day to others. Recently, for example, I was driving my son to childcare and at a stop light, the car behind me did not brake very well and bumped my fender. We both pulled over to the side. Now let me preface this by saying that my car is 12 years old, and has had many bumper-thumpers over the years, including a serious Hit-and-Run. I checked to make sure my son was okay -- he was not phased and was in his car seat swaying to the music -- no problem. I prepped my cell to take a pic of the cars license plate, and the driver immediately got out, apologized about his horrible brakes (there was a screeching before the tap) and asked what he could give me to help. I looked at my already beat-up fender (you couldnt even tell where the hit was).. and said "Don't worry about it. I am okay and so is my son". He would not take no and gave me his information and $60. I know, you are probably thinking "I could sue and get a brand new car, and insurance could pay for everything...etc.."..

I gave the guy a break. And I was unexpectedly rewarded. I think that when you give ungrudgingly and without necessity you will gain something wonderful. My panicked feelings gave way to peace and calm that day. I think about how healthy my son and I are and how I have been given so much over the years, and I was ok with my gesture. I may not do that again, but for that particular day, it was needed.

How will you reduce your impact on the Earth in your community and everyday living?
What did you give today? How did you feel after giving?
Will you join me in a Low-Impact/ Give More Challenge? Name your goals/ideas below. 

Check out No Impact Man's Blog and let me know what you think. Many of what we know to be normal today came from persons who were perceived as radicals.

Live Joyfully,